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      About us

      Shaoxing Fanya Chemical Co.,Ltd. is located in economic-developed Yangtze River Delta, in Shangyu Daoxu Chemical Zone of Shaoxing in Zhejiang. There is fine transportation condition and logistics condition. It is within 40km to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. And there is Hang-Yong railway, Shang-San highway nearby or across.

      Main products: agrochemical auxiliary, dyeing and printing additive and dyes. We can supplies dozens of varieties. Meanwhile we pay attention to new product research. We cooperate with famous chemical enterprise. Our principle is "customer first and innovative development". We would like to become your reliable supplier. In future, we expect to serve all friends with high-quality product and comprehensive service.

      Service conceptPragmatic integrity, customer first, pioneering and innovative.Focus on new product research and development and investment
      Mutual benefit and win-win situationThe company is willing to provide users with "quality products, good service" and grow together with the user enterprise
      Professional ServicesEnsure that customers use high quality products, provide quality after-sales service,enjoy a reasonable price.
      Contact us

      Shaoxing Fanya Chemical Co.,Ltd.

      Tel: +86-575-82049981

      Fax: +86-575-82049981

      E-mail: sales@fanyahg.com

      Contact: Mr. Yan

      Mobile: +86-13735326784

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